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Hello mates, well, nice to be back, I had some problems with my computer and then I had a ten day holiday in Prague and Vienna (both very nice cities, by the way).

So, I wonder which kind of players Lazio really need to be back around the top next season.

Goalkeepers: Peruzzi and Marchegiani are a good couple of goalkeepers, but both are relatively old, and Angelo is often injured. I think a young good goalkeeper is what we need, Concetti is promising but hey, this is Serie A, let him mature in some Serie B clubs before coming home stronger and ready for the big one.

Defenders: We have three very good central defenders (Nesta, Stam and Couto) + Colonnese, so I think that's a role where we don't need new players urgently. As for the backs, if Zac (or whoever will be the new coach) will go for the 4 man defense, will have Oddo and Sorìn in those roles, beside Pancaro and Favalli (if they will remain). Not bad.

Midfield: Poborsly seems on his way out, and that would leave (in case of 4 man midfield) only Castroman as right winger. Oddo can cover that role too, but I would like to have a proper winger. On the other side of the pitch, Zac is ignoring Cesar and has tried Mendieta as left winger, so you can see how much we need a left winger. Again, Sorìn can play occasionally as left winger, but again I think we need a proper one. In the centre of the field, Simeone and Mendieta will probably be sold, and so will Liverani (never fully convincing, in my opinion), that leaves Giannichedda and Fiore, and Dacourt if he will come. Veròn... I hope he joins us, that would be good for our midfield, as we could have
Castroman - Giannichedda (Dacourt) - Veròn (Fiore) - X
Not bad again.

Attack: this season has shown that we were short of forwards, really, and in the latest game Zac had to play with the 4-4-1-1 (successfully, but this is another story) because there was no attacker left apart from Claudio Lòpez. Simone Inzaghi is likely to stay, no one (except Cragnotti maybe) knows about Crespo's destiny, but he (Crespo I mean) is going to stay put and so Lòpez. Buying another forward (possibly good), all in all, wouldn't be that bad.


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In goal perfect we have plenty. Peruzzi and Merchegiani with Concetti and Favazza backing up and even Scotti (who played for under 17's ;))

The defense is a bit confusing to me because will Favalli leave? WIll Miha leave? Will ***** leave? Will Cesar leave? One of Favalli and Cesar will leave and be replaced by Sorin. Good. At right back I'm happy with Pancaro and Stam, *****, Gottardi also playing there. Centre back will be played by Nesta and Couto I hope with Stam being our number 1 right back, hes played well there and I want our team to remain very unchaged. Colonnese, Stam, ***** and maybe Miha can also play there. Comazzi and Ola might get a run during the season. Maybe we can sign Oddo (is he better than Ze Maria?) to play right back and let Stam play central.

Left mid. Aquila you have forgotten about the great Deki Stankovic. We are playing the SVG 4-4-2 where there is a right winger and 3 central midfielders. Its workerd brilliatly and I like having right footed players on the left (ala Nedved) because it is natural for them to shoot when they cut infield.
I hope we keep mendieta because he can only get better and I dream of seeing his spain/valencia days in lazio. A good pre-season could do the work. SO Stakovic takes the role with Mendieta, sorin, maybe cesar, fiore covering.
Right wing I hope this is where we can play Mendieta as there is no doubt hes a better player than Castroman. Give him another chance and if he fails again go back to Castroman. Castroman, Gottardi and Deki to cover.
One of Baronio and Liverani must leave of the central midfielders. Fiore will start with Gianni and Simeone will have to challenge Giannichedda wit Baggio being the other back up. Baronio/Liverani and Mendieta will back up Fiore.
In attack we need one player but I like Crespo, Lopez, Inzaghi. Ive never been one of the fans of buying many argentines but I've been impressed by Cavenaghi. Hes been scroing like crazy and at a good price I'd like to see him be our 4th choice. Bring back Berrettoni and he can make up 5th and 6th with Evacuo.

My line up:





or if Oddo is signed Couto goes to the bench with stam moving next to nesta and oddo on the right. But after seeing Nesta, stam, couto (and favalli) im very happy.

But lets not forget there is the crunch game vs bologna coming up and we must win well to send a message around europe.

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I would like to see us use the Argentine NT formation.

We have 3 great central defenders who can really dominate the Serie A.

I would put Sorin in midfield instead of Leftback. Just like the Argentine NT, lets play with 3-4-3 formation. Having 1 central forward and 2 wingers.

Here is the argentine formation and lineup. Try to fill in Lazio players in this formation. I think we can really succeed.

----Ortega/Aimar----------------------Kily Gonzalez-----

As you see, there are 3 great defenders. Zanetti and Sorin are 2 work horses that run up and down the wings. Their defensive abilities are good enough to help out the defence any time that it's needed. The left and right forwards are capable of creating alot of trouble for the opposition with their speed and technical skills. As you see, there is 1 center forward that is more than capable of scoring enough goals.

I would really love watching Lazio play this tactic. Very effective both ways. Anyone else see us playing well like that?

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Triz said:
----Ortega/Aimar----------------------Kily Gonzalez-----

Anyone else see us playing well like that?
I do:D
What do you think of this?:)

          Stam      Nesta     Couto

Oddo      Simeone/Gianni        Sorin/Deki


Inzaghi??                         Lopez

I am not entirely sure about the lineup:tongue: Feel free to modify it;) Having said all that, I must admit that Zac or whoever the new coach will be is very unlikely to play such a formation:eek:

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Triz, that formation will work only if we get Oddo as a righ-back and, more importantly, new coach.

Bench: Trap






Ok, it's not exactly the way you imagined it , but I'm trying to make the best out of what we have, without excessive buying.

Still, after this season, anything that resembles 3-5-2 is giving me shivers.

The defence shouldnt be a problem with Nesta, Stam & Couto.

The main Lazio problem, or so i think, was inability to create anything in the midfield and than connect that midfield with our forwards. Thats why our team seemed so anemic sometimes.

So, if we do keep Fiore, which i think would not be a bad idea although just some months ago i would have been all out against it, he should play behind attackers. Thats his position.

Deki is emerging as a new Nedved;). I want him in the team.

From the attackers, from my perspective, Lopez was more of a liability than an asset. Too many "off-sides". He should go and we need a striker who can create something on his own. who? at this point i have no idea:D.

..and if Veron comes....thats a different story alltogether.

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no offence, but the only way to get battigol at lazio is as AS roma and Lazio merge...


2 bad cause he is a good striker...

what about saviola in our offence?

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2 DF COLONNESE Francesco 1971
3 MD CESAR Aparecido Rodriguez 1974 OUT already
4 MD BAGGIO Dino 1971
6 MD MENDIETA Gaizka Zabala 1974 OUT
7 FW LOPEZ Claudio Javier 1974
8 MD POBORSKY Karel 1972 OUT
10 FW CRESPO Hernan Jorge 1975
11 DF MIHAJLOVIC Sinisa 1969 OUT
12 GK FAVAZZA Diego 1982
13 DF NESTA Alessandro 1976
14 MD SIMEONE Diego Pablo 1970
15 DF PANCARO Giuseppe 1971 OUT
16 MD GIANNICHEDDA Giuliano 1974
17 MD GOTTARDI Guerino 1970 OUT
18 DF ***** Paolo 1972 OUT
19 DF FAVALLI Giuseppe 1972 OUT
20 MD FIORE Stefano 1975
21 FW INZAGHI Simone 1976
23 MD DE LA PENA Ivan 1976 OUT
24 DF COUTO FERNANDO Silva Manuel 1969
26 MD CASTROMAN Lucas 1980
28 MD LIVERANI Fabio 1976 OUT :mad:
31 DF STAM Jaap 1972
70 GK PERUZZI Angelo 1970

ok then... we already have Sorin and Oddo in , so we have the wing backs that Lazio lacked since many seasons...and in case Pancaro leaves we need another wing defender who can play in both wings like him
we need stoppers , since both Favalli and ***** may leave , and Miha too of course...
I think we need at least one more Central Defender .

in the midfield maybe with the arrival of Veron+Davids things would be good... D'alessandro would be great too.. but we definitly need some wingers especially if the coach of next season plays with a classical 4-4-2... then imo Van Der Meyde would be nice , but my dream is Zambrotta since he can play in both wings...

in the attack , if we want to be competitive we have to get at least 4 strikers.. since Inzaghino and Crespo are injured so often..
Di Vaio and Muzzi are my first options...

and before anything.. I think we need a new coach before starting the specualtions about new comers :eek:

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I agree with most of what you've posted, aquila. Just small ajustments. :) For the good of Lazio we must hang on to 4-4-2. I've seen enough experimenting with 3-5-2 and it just doesn't work.

Goalkeepers: Peruzzi and Marchegiani is running old but I belive Peruzzi has atleast one good season left in him and he has saved us many times this season with great play. Marchegiani is a good back-up but it might be time to bring in a new keeper so he can learn from the two veterns. Who it could be I don't know. Frey is good, bood it's not likely we'll be able to get him.

Defence: I wouldn't change central defence. It's good the way it is, but maybe it's time to let Couto go as he is getting old and I think Stam would be more comfortable playing central instead of the back. Colonnese is very good and we must hang on to him, as we must let Miha go. Although we bring in new backs I hope we can hold on to ***** and Favalli. They are still good and I simply treasure them so highly, but I'm afraid they are set to leave. :depress:

Midfield: It is here I will do bit of cleaning up. Poborsky seems on his way out and de la Peña's contract expires too. I'd like to sell off D. Baggio and Liverani too. Baggio is old and gets a heavy pay check and we need to cut the expenses. Liverani because he isn't good enough. Mendieta is a good player but a misfit in the Italian league. I feel sorry to see rot on the bench so the best thing for all parts would be to sell him. Keep Simeone and Giannichedda and bring back Baronio. He has done very good for Viola and I think he is ready to play for Lazio now. Dacourt is not a solution. He has said he wouldn't want to play for Lazio and then we would just have another Mendieta-problem with a player unhappy to be in the club. The right wing is a returning problem. Castroman has proven his worth, but he will be the only one there. Oddo could play there but maybe we should buy a young talent as back up. I'd like to keep Stankovic and Sorin can play left wing too, therefore it's fundamental that we keep Favalli for the back. Fiore has been under critic this season, but I'd like to keep him and bring back Veron - If that's in anyway possible.

Attack: Keep Crespo and Inzaghi and let's get Lopez out of here as fast as possible. He can run but he can't score. The problem would then mean that we would need to sign two strikers and strikers are expensive. A Crespo-Di Vaio attack would be a (not vey likely) dream and if Udinese gets relegated Muzzi would be up for grabs relativly cheap. A player that loves Lazio and he can score goals. Perfect IMO. :)

But it's impossible to tell what Crag will do. We have seen many crazy stunts from him and I bet he will have a few suprises for us. - Both good and bad.

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haha well i think lazio could pick up the following players:

Barthez, Silvestre, Phil Neville Gary Nevvile, Irwin, Blanc, Brown, Johnson, Giggs, Fortune, Beckham, SCholes, butt, Keane, Veron, Chadwick, VanNistelrooy, Solskjaer, Yorke, Forlan....

anyone else??

seriously though, i think that argentina team looks brilliant. Only problem is lazio donthave the players ot make that work... unless they had nedved back... imagine Nedved and Lopez behind crespo, or even veron....

You could bring ortega back to Italy although after his time with parma this is the biggest risk since some bloke called OMID GONZLEZ came out of the closet.... :D ;)

A realistic aim for next season should be to keep a consistent back 5 (peruzzi, Staam, nesta, Couto, Sorin)

and then a consistent partenership up front Crespo/lopez
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