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No, it's not a classified advertisement! Or perhaps is... It all depends on how Lazio's money box is full (or rather empty, I would say) and also on Lotito's will to spend. Our president has already stated something à la Blade Runner, kind of "I will buy players whom Lazio fans haven't even thought of". That sounds like a promise. Or maybe a threat? Anyway, it seems that Lazio will do some shopping next summer, so...

Goalkeeper - Ballotta is good and old, Muslera is still a question point. We definitely needs a new goalkeeper, or maybe we already have one (Carrizo) who seems an excellent keeper but no one knows if he'll play for us next season. As Kaf would say, that's a Kafkian situation really. If Carrizo comes, our goalkeeping duo would be fine.

Right /left backs - We currently have Zauri, Radu, De Silvestri, Kolarov and Behrami who can play in those roles and it's fine for me, although there are rumours that Valon could go to play in Spain, which is a pretty big loss for us. Anyway, I think we aren't in a bad condition at all regarding these roles. De Silvestri and Radu (who will be definitively bought by Lazio) are young and very promising, let's only hope that Lotito will not go mad and sell them (which is always possible, knowing our beloved president) in the coming years.

Central defenders - Of the three S-defenders we had at the beginning of the season, only Siviglia remained and Stendardo is still in doubt whether he comes back to the Eagles' nest at the end of this season (Lotito said he will, but you never know. And then, not that Stendardo's return will improve things that much). Cribari, and occasionally Radu and Kolarov are the other players who can cover those roles. In short, we need a couple of good central defenders, one of them possibly very good. Rumours say that Lazio could buy Barzagli from Palermo, but seeing the names of other teams (Juventus and Milan) who want to buy the Italian international, I think Lotito has to be ready to splash out big money (Palermo asked for 15 million euro), which is quite improbable. Anyway, let's see what will happen. A central defender I wouldn't mind seeing at Lazio is Cagliari's Canini.

Midfielders - Another weak point. Cristian Ledesma deserves to stay and so Dabo whereas Mudingayi could leave for France (Olympique Lyonnaise) or England (Liverpool), Mutarelli is good but should learn how to control himself. Baronio, Manfredini and Firmani are ready for some newly-promoted teams. In short, here too we need new players, possibly good. Rumours say that Pablo Ledesma is going to join us (I don't know about his passport situation, though) and Lazio have showed some interest towards Obodo. Also, I expect Antonio Cinelli to break through the rank and make it to the first team for real. Mauri and Meghni are two players who potentially can be very good. Pity that this season they were amongst the worst. And then there's still Pasquale Foggia, on loan to Cagliari, it is still to be seen if the Islanders will buy him definitively.

Forwards - Rocchi and Tare have both renewed their contracts, and we have Vignaroli too. Pandev... Lotito has said Goran will stay, but bids from big clubs such as Real Madrid or Bayern are higher and higher, and I don't know how long Lotito will still resist to the temptation of selling one of our best players (if not the best). And then there's Bianchi... Rolandinho has failed to impress, so far, but Lotito has said he will buy Bianchi at the end of the season. Rumours: Lazio could buy Obinna. After Makinwa's failure, Obinna looks like the player Lazio thought (wished?) Stephan was, a quick forwards capable of rip defenses apart thanks to his speed. On the other side, he seems to have some disciplinary problems, I don't want another Stendardo at Lazio. We will see.
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