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Aruna Dindané is called the new black perl of Africa. He has the acceleration and speed of Ronaldo, the dribbles of Laurent Pokou, the penetration force of Georges Wéah, a great technique like Ben Badi, has a great speed of execution in his moves ...
He is THE player of the future.
And he has proven himself already. In one of his latest games he scored with a 'cannon-ball' right in the nets and he also is a good passer and he gave 2 great assist in that game.
He is always dangerous and a treat for the defence.
He is only 19 years old and still have little things were he can improve but as you can see he already is a good player ;)

I didn't find more info about him.. Aruna will be his first name i think :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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