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Well now that the World Cup is over there is new hope. I don't mind too much whether Roy Keane comes back in or not. We can do without him. Young Healy is looking like he'll be a great player and then there's O'Shea at Utd. We have Steven Carr coming back and now that some players have left the international scene some other players will be given their chance.

Here's my ideal line up in a few months:

Finnan/Carr-------------O'Shea----------Cunningham------------ Harte

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Duff is going to be the #1 breakthrough man. I know that Blackburn are going to try to hold onto him but I don't think they'll be able to do it for long, there is going to be ALOT of money flashed in their face. The good Keane (Robby) is another one. If he stays in Leeds you better beleive he's getting time and now I think there will be renewed interested from bigger clubs in picking him up. His career was stalled there for a bit but I imagine all thats gonna change. Finnan is another one who aquited himself quite well who's career will probably profit by his performance.

Here's my lineup for the near future

Given (duh)
Finnan, Breen, Cunningham, Carr
Kilbane, Healy, Holland, Duff
Rb. Keane, Morrison

Kilbane played well in the WC but can easily be replaced with Reid in a match. Healy is a tactical choice, I think we need another young attacker in the midfield. Kinsella would be brought in anytime we needed to shore things up. O'Shea would be my sub for one of the central defenders.

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its now hard to pick a team for Ireland cause there are so many gud players current and gud players future

i think this has to be the team


finnan/carr breen/o'shea o'brien/cunningham harte

reid/kelly healy/kinsella holland duff

keane morrison

i think that in defence you need 1 big player and 1 small one so we should pick one of breen or o'shea and 1 of o'brien and cunningham because cunningham has been very impressive whenevr played lately


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