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Player you most associate with United

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When I hear United, I think of Keano...but it used to be Robbo...
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yeh they are the heart and soul...

I still think of Busby, Charlton and Best.

But now just the whole midfield is as clear as day..


that more than anything
Cantona- i really liked him ;) . What is the old man up to now-a-days apart from making Nike adverts?
that add must be one of the best adds ever...

where they have the mini tournament....

all the best players ( and then nakata)
I think Keano is the heart and sould of Man U......when i think of Man U i basically think of Keano, Giggsy and Davie ....however, these days Ruud and Ole are playing a big part in Man Us success too. :cool: :angel:
Robbo :cool:
nick culkin
its a tough one between keano and cantona

keano, because of his power, determintation, and fight till the end....exactly what manu is

cantona becasue of his flair, class, and extremely enjoyable to watch... exactly what manu is
Hard decision :undecide: ...
the historical name that first comes to my mind is the incredible 60ties hero
:star: Bobby Charlton :star:

in modern age I'd go for either Keane or Beckham.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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