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Buffon - 5.5 (still would feel more comfortable with Toldo)
Canna - 6.5 our best defender, came up big in front of goal
Nesta - 6.0 for performance, 7.0 for guts and playing hurt
Maldini - 5.0 - passing was not sharp, lost his man on their goal. Weak link right now.

Panucci 5.0 - seems to get less effective each game. Was ok in first game, less so in each subsequent. Probably out of position, not sure why Trap favors him over Coco.

Zambrotta - 5.0 - great physical effort but his offense is abysmal. He should stick to trying to win corner kicks or make a through ball pass into the box. Instead he shoots wildly from outside the box. He is like the guy in the basketball game that the other team leaves unguarded out by the three point line because they know he cannot hit the shot.

Tomassi - 6.0 - I disagree with those who say Tomassi played terribly. I think he did quite well considering how outnumbered the Italian midfield was. He had to cover alot of ground and he did ok.

Zanetti - 5.0 - I'm beginning to wonder, maybe Gatusso or DiLivio wouldn't be so bad after all. He is like the invisible man.

Totti - 5.5 - Totti had some flashes of brilliance and his passes set up the few chances we had in first half. But he seemed to get frustrated and sullen after a while. A true champion will raise his effort level. Totti seems to go into a shell after some bad breaks.

Inzaghi - 5.5 Lucky he didn't get called for diving, he was tripped but he did not have to sprawl like a rag doll.

Vierri - 6.0 - Still getting stuffed by defense when he recieves the ball outside of the box. Unable to turn the defender on the dribble. Not his forte. Trap needs people like Coco to advance the ball better and then feed Vierri crosses.

Montella - 6.5 - missed open shot, but provided the assist to DP which most people are forgetting. Also, he played a far more active role in advancing the ball from midfield than Inzaghi did. You just sensed that if he had more minutes he would score. He creates a scoring opportunity every 10 minutes.

DP - 6.5 - Great energy and determination. Deserves more time. Also we need better corners and DP may provide these.

Coco - 6.0 - Did what he was inserted to do. Pushed the ball up on the left. Untested on D.
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