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player of March

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Who do you think was inter milan player of March. :star::star::star:


:strong::star::star::star:For me I'll go for Recoba Recoba was the best for me in March he scored 4 goals and he was the win key against Roma when he scored 2 goal and Assists goal for Vieri.
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BRO AMMAR 4 me it was seedorf man he was sick man
it's tough to choose between recoba and seedoorf. recoba has been magical in two of the last three games. against roma, he was a killer, obviously.

also, we can't overlook toldo, who was out of this world against valencia and has been in the best form of his life.

but for me, i think the award goes to seedorf because of his performance against juventus. that second goal he scored, the wonderstrike in the last seconds of the game, was the most important goal inter has scored this season. if he hadn't scored that, we would have gone down to juve 2x1, which could have seriously dented our confidence and ruined our season.
i'll say Toldo. Toldo played a great game against Valencia. and he did a good job against Roma, Fiorentina, Lecce and Juva he did a great job and he will be the best in the world soon
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