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Platini's transfer window thoughts

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I'd read a few pieces today about Platini and his thoughts on the future of the transfer period in football and it raises some interesting points.

News - http://uk.reuters.com/article/worldFootballNews/idUKLS64668520080828

Opinion - http://blogs.reuters.com/soccer/2008/08/29/please-mr-platini-dont-close-the-transfer-window/

What do people think about this? In theory I'm behind the notion but in practice don't think it is feasible. I like the proposal of say a six week period every year with which buy players (say mid-May to end of June fx) and then let clubs loan out players under 23 for a whole season right up to the start of a country's campaign.

The problems are obviously that if a team is struggling and has some injuries then they may be resigned to relegation but at the same time it would force clubs to invest more heavily in youth as they could be needed at some point unexpectedly.

What do others make of this?
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