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PL R23: SPORTING 4-1 Nacional; Alvalade, 17.03.2008

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After another step to become the best Portuguese team in the UEFA rankings :D we are back in the League to pursue the golden 2nd spot that gives direct access to the CL and that this season has more than 2 candidates.

We will be missing three starters (Tonel, Grimi and Miguel Veloso) but the general mood in the team is clearly more positive than not very long ago.

It's about time that we stop being so impolite with our red neighbours and once and for all accept their gifts. :stuckup:

Here is what may well be our starting XI for the game that is about to start:

Rui Patrício

Abel - Gladstone - Polga - Ronny

Adrien Silva

Pereirinha - João Moutinho


Liedson - Vukcevic​

Subs: Stojkovic, Pedro Silva, Farnerud, Izmailov, Celsinho, Yannick Djaló and Rodrigo Tiuí.
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just one change regarding the line-up that I've predicted above. Tiui is playing instead of Vukcevic.
0-0 HT

A very lively first half with goal chances for both sides although we obviously had more opportunities to open the score. Nacional did not come to defend only which is good for the game. Anyway, we need to win this one if we still want to have any pretension to get to the 2nd place therefore something has to improve upfront in the 2nd half. Vukcevic must come in for Tiuí.
Paulo Bento does what needs to be done...

second half starts and Vukcevic comes in for Rodrigo Tiuí

L I E D S O N !!! :)
Vukcevic back heels, Abel kills it and Liedson does 1-0
Grande golo Joaaaaoooo Moutinho! 2-0, Sporting looking good tonight. :thumbsup:
Liedson. 3-0. :eekani:

J O Ã O M O U T I N H O !!!!!! what a goal! :eekani:
lol 3-0 LIEDSON!!! my stream is alentejano :D
3 goals in 5 minutes :eekani:
penalty that Romagnoli...misses :rollani:
lol, you know when everything is going your way like 3 goals in 5 minutes, the 4th won't be scored despite being the easiest. :pp
Yannick Djaló is back! :happy: He comes in for Romagnoli.
Wow, and Djalo comes in and pays dividends right away in the goal.

4-0. :eekani:

Moutinho hurt. :groan:
DJALÓ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4-0!!! BACK WITH A BANG! :happy:
if Yannick would have missed his shot it should be a penalty because the mofo that was marking Moutinho elbowed him full on in the face.
That mofo would be Ricardo Fernandes, unfortunately one of the butchers who continues to get too much playing time in our league. Vicious player, elbows and kicks all 90 minutes.
What an atrocious penalty attempt. Leandro was rightfully subbed.

But tremendous goal by Moutinho. And Liedson is finally getting on track.

Why does Paulo Bento still look so nervous?
Abel totally misses his marker Lipatin and Nacional get a meaningless goal back. 4-1.
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