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Hi guys, I need some info on Pjanovic. All I know is that he's a 23 year old striker that Dudic thinks Benfica should contract to replace Nuno Gomes.

What do you all think?

Side note I think that Dudic is one of your most promising players. I thought he was bit nervous initially in Euro but then he settled and played well. Can't wait to see him at Benfica.

ON my last holiday to Yugoslavia in April, I saw 4 matches with Pjanovic
1/ CZ 4-0 Vojvodina
2/ CZ 4-0 Napredak
3/ CZ 2-0 Obilic
4/ Yugoslavia 8-1 Reporters' selection

In all Mihailo Pjanovic scored 4! He is a very tall player, and has lots of power. He sticks up front and destroys the net. He is a master of penalties (all in all I've seen 16, 16 scored!) Never missed is what I heard in penalties, and is very good under pressure and can pull of great passes. With all do respect, I think he should stay in Crvena Zvezda to help them out qualify for the Champions League, if we do he stays, if not we may negotiate, though he probably isn't for sail until next season.
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