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I havent had the chance to watch him...but I have heard the best of things about him...How does he play?? Does he play like Totti?? I love that guy...He was amazing today....He made Zidane look like an old bum that he is...And Del Piero...Damn loser..Thank you for costing Italy a Euro cup.....I hope pirlo is like Totti...I just love the way he plays...My heart was broken today like on WC98...Damn you Wiltord!!!!
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He´s an attacking midfielder. He is said to be the new Roberto Baggio.
Could someone give me the stuff on Pirlo???
What stuff? When he is born? He´s born 19/5 1979 and was bought from Brescia summer of 98 and he spent the latest season with Reggina. He was the main star when Italy recently won U-21 Euro2000(I think it was thatt tournament).
Is there anymore that you want to know?

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Sorry...I wasnt too clear....I only know what I read here about Pirlo...maybe I should be more specific...I know he is an attacking midfielder...But there are different types of attacking midfielders...Well, Recoba is an attacking midfielder...but from what I heard, Pirlo plays nothing like him...

I was asking does he play like Totti...A guy who sprays passes all over the place...Not a fast guy but a guy with ball control that gives good passes...Sort of like Zidane...But, I know he is not physically gifted like Zidane...

Can he take people off the dribble etc...
hahahah no one on this planet is even one and ahalf times better than Zidane.

A year ago Rivaldo was better but Zidane has retaken his place atop the football summit. Zidane is one of the living all time greats. For me he is close to surpassing Platini as the greatest French player of all time.

Anyway as for Pirlo and my poor poor Italy. Well Pirlo is a lot like Zidane. He has the size to develop the physique of Zidane.

Dribbles like Zidane and passes like Zidane and sadly.....doesn't score enough goals......like Zidane.

Totti is a different kind of player.

Totti = cross between Zizou and Rivaldo

Recoba = Rivaldo style of play.

Pirlo = Zidane style of play.

That is about as accurate as i can do it.

Totti is attacking enough to be played as a striker. Pirlo would make a joke of a striker. That would be hilarious. I remember when Juve played Zidane as a striker when Alex was injured......horrible.

The reason Pirlo will probably never be as great as Zidane is because he doesn't have that cannon of a shot that defenders are afraid of every time Zidane fakes a shot.

Pirlo's long range shots are a lot like Del Piero's.....weak but accurate. Like Del Piero when Pirlo shoots directly at goal he usually tries to curve the ball into the far post of chip the keeper.

If Pirlo improves his shooting he might be indeed the next Zidane if he doesn't.....well i can't see him being as pathetic as Del Piero is mentaly but who knows.

i like most INTER fans expect great great things from this goofy looking kidd.
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Ive seen him once

I saw him play once play in the first game between Inter and Reggiana last season. He came on as a second half sub. He was amazing. He is a great distributer. not like totti but more like zizou and baggio. he actually reminded me alot of baggio. the way he carried himself and moved with the ball. I wish I could have seen more of him through out the season. but when reggiana where down he almost created a goal. I must admit I was simply amazed at his skill for the 20 minutes that he played.
Im really glad he is coming back.
he is a legend in the making he plays baggio style and scores goals and is in my view the best young player in the world better than owen and joe cole
Pirlo is 10 times better than Zidane? No, maybe 10 times better than Mrs. Zidane, but not even anywhere near as good as the French midfielder.

Pirlo is still a baby in football terms. To compare him with great players like Zidane, Baggio, Rivaldo or even Del Piero (whom I HATE!!) is a joke. Pirlo has the potential to become a really good player, maybe a great player. But potential doesn't score goals or set up Ronaldo.

After this season, if Pirlo plays regularly, perhaps we can start calling Pirlo great.
he is a legend in youth terms
Let me share my point of view.
Pirlo is a potential,he will not become Zidane,Rivaldo,DelPiero in the future as Falcao said.Who knows what he might turn out to be??We cannot compare a superstar to a rising talent.

Pirlo plays as a pure playmaker.Setting up shots for the strikers and distributing the ball to move play.He isn't that aggressive at the ball compared to Totti and isn't at all good at ball winning.His workrate on the field is also much less compared to other players.His ball skills are okay,no where near Zidane's of course.His dribbling is also mediocre.He also doesn't head the ball.In short,he isn't as dangerous as Totti and all the other stars above in front of goal.However something i always admire in him is his calmness in games.He handles the ball calmly even in the opponent's penalty area! and doesn't pass or shoot wildly.I do not think he would be among the greats as he still lack the physical attrinutes that most players have today.Football is becoming more physical today..However,anything could happen in his years in Inter nd we'll all waiting to see what kind of player Pirlo turns out to be!

Forza Inter!

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Zidane is the worst player that I know.
I was really upset when he was voted as the best player in the world 98. He scored two goals in the world cup final and that´s the only reason he won the award.
There isn´t anyone who thinks about that he was suspended for two games in that tournament.
he will turn out as good as del piero and maybe better than baggio
Thanks guys...Most of you guys just explained what I had already imagined...Thanks...Hope he will be as good...with a healthy Ronaldo and a healthy Vieri, There will be not defensive pressure on him and he can work his magic...lets all hope for the best
Pirlo has scored goals and rattled posts and forced great saves out of keepers with is head this season.

He scored against Parma with a header.

He has become very physical this season and often gets into the thick of the on field physical battles.

He is just to calm just like Zidane.....he could have t o be more agressive.....but that is his only lack.

I can seea future of Totti and Vieri upfront and Pirlo behind them for Italy.
That would be good but imagine a healthy Ronaldo and Vieri in front of him....Well, lets hope it will happen...I really thought Totti was overrated...He showed a lot of skill and heart...I hope italy will do good in next WC..
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