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No no no, dont think you are either on another forum, or that I have lost my way in this new changed forum.

But this news is kinda interesting for us Laziali.

Since it was 99,99999987493 % sure that Pires would join 'The Gunners', and Overmars would see his position in danger, but now, after this news, things might change, and he might stay at Arsenal!

Lets hope so!

I read it too somewhere that Pires would move to Real, for 6.25 million pounds or something.
Pires eagerly wanted to join Arsenal but Arsene Wenger refused make a move until he knew what Overmars's decision are. Overmars is currently only on Euro 2000 with the Dutch team, and has jsut before the end of last season said numerous times that his plans were to stay with Arsenal.
Pires could always function on the right, to take Ray Parlour's place or be a useful stand-in for Petit or Viera, who are both sepculated to move, but Wenger's cocnern is Overmars before he decides to buy Pires or not. It seems it's now almost too late, Real can offer much more than Arsenal anyway, but I hope I'm wrong about the meagre 6.25 million pounds, Pires is worth much more than that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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