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Pires: Leave Leeds Harry

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Arsenal's injured French midfielder Robert Pires has urged Socceroos star Harry Kewell to leave Leeds United.

The Australian winger has revealed that he will play in Italy or Spain at some stage in his career but the Gunners winger believes the time is right now.

Pires told Sky Sports: "I don't know what Harry wants to do personally but, if he wants to progress in his career, of course he must leave Leeds.

"Every top team would want to sign him, for sure. If I was a manager, I'd sign him for my team."

Kewell, who limped off in the 4-3 home defeat by Manchester United and subsequently missed the loss at Tottenham, was recently linked with AS Roma, but chairman Peter Ridsdale insists he is not for sale.

The Elland Road chief says he wants to keep star players like £20million ($A54million) rated Kewell and fellow Aussie Mark Viduka.

Although the Yorkshire club would find it hard to refuse a multi-million dollar offer for a player who has come up through the Leeds academy system.
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Pires is right,but we all know that anyway.
Maybey, Leeds are slipping and someone of Harry's talent don't want to be hanging around witht a mid table team. Leeds need to pick up their act and get Cl or it's good bye harry!
Captain Splarg was quoted as saying "Have fun at the World Cup" to Robert Pires.
That was a low blow Captain Splarg....
As much as I like Robert Pires, I think he should keep his mouth shut on this one and let Kewell make his own unadulterated decision with no pressure. He must like the club, but everyone seems to be pressuring him to move. So have this to say to him: "Follow your heart mate!"
Yeah, I think what Harry wants it what is best. Leeds need him and made him what he is today but I think that if Leeds cannot offer competition that will let him be the best he can then it is just not right for him. He needs to go where he is the best and can show his power and that he is the best...
I think Harry will stay, i think he could move but his best is still to come, Harry has alot of improving to do and i think he can do that at Leeds.

I hope he stays Harry for a couple seasons more and show some loyalty;).

But thats not his decison as Leeds could accept a major mpney big by the Big clubs!.
It might come down to selling him for $$$ b4 he decides to leave later...
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