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people say that pippo is good because he scores an average of 20 goals a season ....but......he misses the double
lets say that we had a propper striker like vincenzo montella!!!
with ale del piero and zizou he will be the sure top score
have u seen all the gaols of pippo? all one meter away touch ins!!!

forza juve!!!!

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Honestly b/w; I don't think there's much to separate the two. I can only say that I think Montella will further develop and become better than Pippo has ever been, but I think the two is the same kind of striker.
Monteall is pretty weak physically as well and just like Pippo he can't head the ball. He's faster though, but isn't as experienced or screwd in the penalty area (I'm not thinking of dives).
If we are to buy a new forward I would prefer someone wo are more of a blend between Kova and D.P. I think he should be able to support both in attack, as we can't expect D.P to play every match again next season.
having said this I don't mind Montella at all. if Pippo want's to move- Montella does not diminish our strike power. I just don't think he'll considerably strenghten it either, but he IS one for the future.


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soory for the last comment...a milan fan eho is a friend of mine decided to act cool...
but lets go back to pippo and montella...
its true that they are similar but i garantee that vincenzo given the chance to ply with two fantasy men like del p and zizou he will produce more that pippo as pippo doesn't only not know how to head but he has a poor control of the ball and his shooting is not of a high level
moving to the fact that we need a player inbetwwen ale dp and darko....
well we need a player that can keep the ball up and who is strong with the head(darko) but we also and especially need a player who knows how to shoot the ball in the net and who has a strikers instinct which ale doesn't have
and we surely do not need any morer fantasy in the team(zizou ,aledp,zambrotta are more than enough..
player like crepo,sheva,montella and vieri is what we need!!!!

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I think, Pippo is not bad actually he still a great player

Forza JUVE !!!

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Glen, I disagree in something...

Pippo and Montella ARE very similar, but I think the latter has more technique...

Yes, they both score from the ine, but I can see Montella DARES to do "Sfintas", like volleys, back heels, etc...


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