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I must say that I appriciate the fact that these Inter fans that can´t keep their mouth shut isn´t frequant posters at the Inter forum. Too bad that their lack of respect and their garbage is being dumped over here.

We should make an own forum for peple like Meazza01, bluesun, Beta and Marel.

The Garbage Forum - Moderated by four rude people

Do you care more about your hatred for a team than your love for your team? Then step right in and act like morons!


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kcII said:

On paper, Juventus are the stronger team and perhaps they need these three points even more than Piacenza, who could be satisfied with a draw. However, it would be simply unfair to go against Novellino's men, who are really healthy and have been playing great soccer lately, while Juve didn't look good against Milan. The hosts deserve some confidence, at least for a draw.

Piacenza 1 Juventus 1
Soccerage is BS:yuck:

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Official line up:

JUVENTUS (4-3-1-2): Buffon; Thuram, Ferrara, Iuliano, Paramatti; Conte, Tacchinardi, Zambrotta; Nedved; Del Piero, Trezeguet.

A disposizione: Carini, Birindelli, Zenoni, Davids, Maietta, Zalayeta, Amoruso.

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Relax, Mikey!

Robi scored twice but according to what I read, he only had to put the ball in the back of the net. And Fiorentina's defence is the worst in Serie A...

Anyway, always glad to see Baggio back at the Delle Apli. ;)
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