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Seems like Pessotto will miss this game, and maybe the rest of the season, his got injured in the Italy game, and for what the media says he is going to miss the WC too:(

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Yeah espectro, I saw that. So the news has been confirmed?... :depress:

This happens at the worst moment for us, but especially for him, this would have been his last World Cup. What a huge blow that must be for him. The circumstances of his injury are weird. Within the first minute of playtime, when he and an Uruguayan player put the foot a bit too high in a contact. At first, it looked benign but at the general surprise, he looked seriously injured. Probably the right knee. Finally, he stood up and walked but he was immediately substituted with Fiorentina's Adani.

I wish him a good convalescence.

Hard game in perspective, that Piacenza encounter!
To be continued...

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I looked at the last 3 games for the top 3:

Inter Milan: Chievo v Inter, Inter v Piacenza, Lazio v Inter

AS Roma: AC Milan v Roma, Roma v Chievo, Torino v Roma

Juventus: Piacenza v Juventus, Juventus v Brescia, Udinese v

Juve has the best fixture list. Chievo is playing really well and AC Milan have improved greatly of late. Its never easy to beat Torino at home and Lazio are never easy at the Olimpico.

I really believe Juve can win as long as they win their games which are not that demanding compared to Inter and Roma.

With Pessotto injured, I would like to see Zenoni as left back but I think that Lippi will stick with Paramatti.

If it were me:






____________TREZ___DEL PIERO__________

Better hope for no more injuries. We have NO DEPTH RIGHT NOW! (Imagine if we were still in Europe!!?!?!?).

Inter have not been playing well recently. They have to thank individual brilliance from Vieri and Ronaldo.

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Nuyka, let him make a fool of himself. Mr Bluesun has strong challengers in the xtratime "Who's the biggest fool?" contest and he's just practising...

You're paying far more attention to Bluesun than he deserves, my friend. Who cares about what this useless prick may think anyway? ;)


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Trezeguet and Iuliano can make it

Dr. Agricola declared that Trezeguet and Iuliano are improving. Their condition will be under observation during the next hours. There are chances that they make it for Sunday’s match. The forward complains a muscular problem at his right leg, the defender instead at his left leg.

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Serie A Preview: Piacenza-Juventus
Piacenza - Juventus | News Archive

04/19/2002. Piacenza-Juventus


Two healthy teams will face each other on Sunday afternoon at the Galleana stadium in what should be a very attractive match. Piacenza shoot for the third win in a row, a result that would mean the certainty to stay in the Serie A, while Juventus need nothing but the three points in order to keep on hoping in the scudetto.

Novellino's men have played a really good second part of the season, and last Sunday they confirmed this trend with an impressive and deserved triumph on the field of fourth placed Bologna. Piacenza were very effective in their previous outings as well, but some of those were really unlucky, such as the home defeat against Milan.

On their part, Juventus still trail league leaders Inter by three points with as many rounds to go, and most likely the only way they have to grab the Nerazzurri is winning all of the remaining matches, hoping also that Cuper's men will stumble.

In order to do that, however, the Bianconeri will have to be more convincing than they were in their last outing. Last Sunday Lippi's men didn't play a good match against Milan, and only a late own-goal by Chamot allowed them to collect the three points.


-Piacenza: the hosts will miss three influential regulars, all of whom have been suspended for one round: defender Lamacchi, playmaker Volpi and winger Sommese. Coach Novellino is expected to replace them with Lucarelli, Statuto and Poggi respectively. Forward Gautieri, who paired up Serie A topscorer Hubner in the last weeks, will be moved on the right wing.

Starting line-up (4-4-2): Guardalben; Sacchetti, Lucarelli, Cardone, Tosto; Gautieri, Statuto, Matuzalem, Di Francesco; Poggi, Hubner

Bench: Orlandoni, Cristante, Mora, Miceli, Patrascu, Amauri, Caccia

Injured: none
Suspended: Lamacchi, Sommese, Volpi
Cautioned (one more yellow card to be suspended): Poggi, Cristante, Caccia


-Juventus: plenty of worries for the guests. In addition to long-term sidelined injured Salas, Tudor, Maresca and Montero, Juve will surely miss Pessotto, who picked up a bad injury in Italy's midweek friendly against Uruguay. Coach Lippi hopes at least to recover Iuliano and Trezeguet, both of whom suffer muscular problems.

Probable line-up (4-4-2): Buffon; Thuram, Ferrara, Iuliano, Paramatti; Zambrotta, Conte, Davids; Nedved; Del Piero, Trezeguet
Bench: Carini, Birindelli, Tacchinardi, Zenoni, Frara, Zalayeta, Amoruso

Injured: Salas, Tudor, Montero, Pessotto, Maresca
Cautioned (one more yellow card to be suspended): Trezeguet, Nedved, Conte, Pessotto


Piacenza last 6 matches: WDLDWW. Piacenza keep on showing to be very healthy and solid. Novellino's men have lost only once in the last seven contests, at the end of a very unlucky home outing against Milan.

Overall: 10 W – 9 D – 12 L - Average points per match 1.26– Goals scored/conceded 45-39
Home: 7 W – 1 D – 7 L – Average points per match 1.47 – Goals scored/conceded 27-17

-Remaining matches:

After Juventus, the Biancorossi will face another scudetto contender, league leaders Inter. The last match should be a much less difficult one, as most likely the Scaligeri will be already safe.


Juventus last 6 matches: WWLDWW. Two wins in the last two matches, coupled with Inter and Roma's false steps against Atalanta and Venezia respectively, allow Lippi's men to keep on hoping in a difficult recovery on the Nerazzurri.

Overall: 17 W – 11 D – 3 L - Average points per match 2.00 - Goals scored/conceded 56-23
Away: 5 W – 8 D – 2 L – Average points per match 1.53 - Goals scored/conceded 23-12

-Remaining matches:

In the last two rounds, the Bianconeri will face the two teams who are fighting to avoid accompanying Lecce, Fiorentina and Venezia into the Serie B.


-Piacenza: Eusebio Di Francesco. The former Roma left winger has been showing an awesome form lately, and could give Juventus plenty of problems, just like Nedved is supposed to do on the other side of the field.

-Juventus: Alessandro Del Piero. Alex played a couple of very good matches against Perugia and Milan, showing to be close to his best shape. Both Juve and the Nazionale need it…

On paper, Juventus are the stronger team and perhaps they need these three points even more than Piacenza, who could be satisfied with a draw. However, it would be simply unfair to go against Novellino's men, who are really healthy and have been playing great soccer lately, while Juve didn't look good against Milan. The hosts deserve some confidence, at least for a draw.

Piacenza 1 Juventus 1
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