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Piacenza aiming for a quick return!

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Piacenza is the club that spent the most on players, the signed all the players neccesary to strengten the team.

They signed:


They also sold some players:

Di Napoli(f)-Venezia

Also the have a new coach: Novellino
he guided Napoli to Serie A last season!

Seems like they are going to get back very quick!
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Yes, it does look like it. Though Serie B is always a very uncertain and difficult league just like the English First Division. Piacenza, Venezia, Torino and Cagliari were all relegated, but they are keen to get back up. But Sampdoria, Genoa and Treviso are also keen on getting up. Should be interesting.
True, there are quality teams in Serie B just as there are quality teams in lower divisions elsewhere.

Venezia look very good and it won't be a surprise if they came back up. IL TORO, if Pisa can win promotion to Serie B next season then it won't be impossible for them to reach Serie A.

Interesting how some clubs can rise so quickly, and others can fall from grace so quickly too.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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