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Phil Neville

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He's crap, and you know it...

Poor England.
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i saw the tackle
it was of no use
from behind
moldovan wasnt in a shooting position anyway
neville is an idiot
Pooooooooorrrr tackle, but anyway, you can't really blame him, if he didn't make an attempt to tackle Moldovan and mo. scored, Phil would get a verbal bashing as well, i guess he was just taking the risk to be a hero....
Always a Man Utd players costs England progression it seems, Beckham in 98, Phillipa Neville in Euro 2000.
Should Man Utd players not go to major tournaments?
I think that good Manchester United players like Becks and Scholes must go to tournaments.But crap players like Mr Average G.Neville or Mr Worst than Average P.Neville should not be selected just because they play for Manure!

I mean,how is it possible that a guy who stays on the bench because of Dennis "Ugly,old and useless" Irwin be good enough for England?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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