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petrescu out of london

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is seems like he is going to leave chelsea in the summer...what do you guys think?
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You know what I think from the other forums. But I'll shorten my response this time.... I don't like it !!
If anyone wants to pay 18 million-pounds for Tore, Vialli will sell him. He thinks he just as worthy as Van Nistelrooij. PSV were reportedly interested in him. It would have been nice first selling RVN for 18-mil, then paying it out to Chelsea to get the services of Flo, and then Chelsea would probably have used that money to buy Anelka and Carew, what a lethal partnership that would be, or they would buy Shearer and relive the glory days with Sutton and form a devestating partnership just like at Blackburn.
what does that have to do with petrescu? is he going to get swapped for one of those players?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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