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I dunno whether you guys still remember him, or for that matter, know him in the first place :( but I just think that I need to spread this news because it seems that very few have noticed it...and it was just a minor news as well!

He was one of my fave players, even before Czechoslovakia split. I couldn't believe this news at first, and it's still hard to accept that I'll never see him play again...May God bless him :(

Oviedo, Spain (Reuters) - 23 June

Slovak International Dubovsky dies in an accident

Slovak international midfielder Peter Dubovsky, 28, has died after falling from a waterfall while on holiday in Thailand, his Spanish first division club, Oviedo said on Friday.
The Slovak Embassy in Bangkok was quoted as saying that Dubovsky died in hospital after he fell while leaping from a 10-metre high waterfall rock.
Dubovsky was capped 33 times for Slovakia and scored 12 goals. Before Czechoslovakia split, he was on the Czechoslovak National team.
Before joining Oviedo in 1995 Dubovsky played for Real Madrid for 2 seasons end

I couldn't believe it when I first heard it...such a tragic death, and worse still, I don't think many are aware of it. I hadn't seen him for quite a while, but I still had hopes to see him play with Slovak national team...but it's not to be.

-- Nedved! in mourning :( :( :( --
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