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Pesaresi - Marcolin <-- Great deal!!

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Lazio and Sampdoria reached a word agreement to swap players. Lazio will give defensive midfielder Dario Marcolin and two billions lire to the Genova's club to sign left side Emanuele Pesaresi. The deal should be completed next Monday.

Great deal!! Pesaresi is a young talented player, he's versatile, he's a left defender who also can play as a midfielder :) (Now we have a player who can cover Nedved and Favalli or Pancaro)

I just want to say, "Pesaresi, you've made a right choice to play for Lazio." :)
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Its always good to buy young promising italians!!
And its even better when in exchange we get rid of the ugliest man in the serie a :)

Dario, the Ugliest ? :):)

No way, the ugliest player will be Hakan Sükür :p
Deal done!!
Pesaresi to Lazio, Marcolin to Sampdoria
Lazio have bought Emanuele Pesaresi from Samd-
doria for 12 billion lire and have sold Dario
Marcolin to the Ligurian club for 10 billion lire.
Ok this is again a stupid deal, Pesaresi is accuatly a central defender, he played in the middle of a 3 man defense all of last season at Samp.

You already have *****,Nesta,Mihajilovic,Couto and Collonese at that position.

BTW he will probaly almost never play:( just as Collonese!
No, he is not, he play as a left defender, and he also can play as a left midfielder. He's young, he'll get the chance soon.
Oop your right i mistaked him for Ficini:eek:

He played as a sort of wingback last season:)
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