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The negotiations between Lazio and Inter for the goalkeeper Angelo Peruzzi are almost over and Peruzzi should sign for Lazio on Friday.
Inter asked for a trade, Almeyda or Salas for Peruzzi but Lazio refused. And the coach Marcello Lippi was not interested in Marchegiani or ***** so it looks like Lazio is going to pay $22 million to Inter for the keeper.

As the businessman Cragnotti are supposed to be he must see that the buying of Peruzzi isn’t a good deal. Peruzzi was bought a year a go for $13 million and despite the fact that he being older (and chubbier) he’s value have increased a lot. Cragnotti always talks about making good deals for Lazio so that stock market won´t react negative; thereby everyone except Nesta is for sale if the right amount is paid. This one sound crazy to me.

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Just what I thought. When inter bought him last season i thought hmmmm you dont see many keepers being bought for that much. But no way Peruzzi is worth as much as Almeyda!!!
He is nearly as expensive as Barthez. Maybe keeping Marchegiani for at least 1 more year as 1st choice would be good!!

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