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What will the result be?

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Perugia v Juventus

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OK troops what do think? Of course this is Juventus, so a victory is a must.
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Perugia vs Juventus

Like people say in Marseille:
Je m'en balance les couilles, garçon! :rolleyes:


Juventus: true to itself !
Good News! Di Loreto and Grosso are suspended for Perugia, with those heavyweights out, there'll be nothing to stop us taking 3 points on Sunday!:) :D :eek:

The real good news: Trez trained today, so he looks good for the weekend. And Pavel 'Lightweight' Nedved should be back too.
We must kick their ass:)
And both Inter and Roma must lose:)
Who cares what Inter and Roma do... just win!!! I'd at least like Juve to win their last 5 matches, because if they lose or draw one more time, I don't know what I might do!!!
DM-11 said:
Who cares what Inter and Roma do... just win!!! I'd at least like Juve to win their last 5 matches, because if they lose or draw one more time, I don't know what I might do!!!
Well, the second spot would be interesting. With the WC and than prelemanary rounds for the CL, our players could next season soon be tired.
We HAVE to win this game no matter what otherwise we will be in deep sh!t!
It's time the players show us what they are capable of. A win in a must.
Come on Juve lads:devil: don't let us down:hopefull:
Don't let us down, Juventus' players, please. Do it for us fans who want to see you winning games again.
my prediction---perugia 1-1 juventus...

Serie A Preview: Perugia-Juventus
Perugia - Juventus | News Archive

Juve's skipper Alessandro Del Piero (Allsport)
04/04/2002. Perugia-Juventus


Seven days after a disappointing 1-1 home draw against Lazio, a result that almost deprived them of any residual chance to win the Scudetto, Juventus will try to bounce back and keep their slight hopes alive when they face Perugia at the Curi stadium.

In the preseason forecasts, the Bianconeri were considered as the big favorites to win the Serie A, thanks to the expensive adding of stars like Buffon, Thuram, Nedved and Salas, but things went in a different way. After being kicked out from the Champions League, Lippi's men are seeing their scudetto hopes fading away, as they currently trail league leaders Inter by six points with only five rounds to go.

This was mainly due to their poor away performances (only four wins in fourteen matches) and this is not good news in view of the Curi match. Actually, Perugia have been looking very effective on their home ground lately and need a few more points, most likely three or four, in order to reach the save.


-Perugia: two major worries for coach Cosmi, who the hosts will miss suspended defender Di Loreto and left wing-back Grosso, who should be replaced by Sogliano and O'Neill respectively. The young trainer could choose to field a 4-4-2 line-up instead of the usual 3-5-2, moving Z?Maria back on the defensive line.

Starting line-up (3-5-2): Cordoba; Sogliano, Rezaei, Milanese; Z?Maria, Tedesco, O'Neill, Baiocco, Blasi; Bazzani, Vryzas
Bench: Tardioli, Samuel, Fusani, Gatti, Ahn, Berrettoni, Samereh

Injured: none,
Suspended: Di Loreto, Grosso
Cautioned (one more yellow card to be suspended): Blasi


-Juventus: plenty of troubles for coach Lippi, who will miss injured Salas, Conte, Tudor, Tacchinardi and Paramatti, as well as suspended Iuliano. Anyway, the guests will be boosted by the recovery of French defender Thuram, who is expected to be in the starting eleven. Zenoni should be moved on the midfield line.

Probable line-up (4-4-2): Buffon; Thuram, Ferrara, Montero, Pessotto; Zenoni, Zambrotta, Davids; Nedved; Del Piero, Trezeguet
Bench: Carini, Birindelli, Frara, Rondinella, Maresca, Zalayeta, Amoruso

Injured: Salas, Tacchinardi, Tudor, Paramatti, Conte
Suspended: Iuliano
Cautioned (one more yellow card to be suspended): Trezeguet, Nedved, Conte


Perugia last 6 matches: LWLWLD. The hosts keep on showing to be a totally different team at home and on the road. 27 out of Perugia's 37 points came at the Curi stadium, where Cosmi's men have collected four wins and a draw in the last five contests, scoring more than two goals per match. On the contrary, the Grifoni keep on struggling on the road: only two points and one goal scored in the last six trips.

Overall: 10 W ?7 D ?12 L - Average points per match 1.28 ?Goals scored/conceded 32-40
At home: 8 W ?4 D ?2 L ?Average points per match 1.93 ?Goals scored/conceded 21-11

Juventus last 6 matches: DLWWLD. After the heartbreaking elimination from the Champions League, the Bianconeri had no choice but concentrating their efforts on the Serie A, but the lone point collected in the last two matches sounds almost like a death sentence for Juve's hopes to win the scudetto. After the disappointing defeat against Parma, Lippi's men were unable to defeat Lazio on their home ground, thus stopping an impressive eight-match winning streak at the Delle Alpi stadium.

Overall: 15 W ?11 D ?3 L - Average points per match 1.93 - Goals scored/conceded 51-23
Away: 4 W ?8 D ?2 L ?Average points per match 1.43 - Goals scored/conceded 19-12


-Perugia: Rehman Rezaei. The Iranian defender is definitely one of the biggest surprises of the season in the Serie A. His duel with Trezeguet should be very attractive, and perhaps determining, as the French striker is by far Juve's biggest offensive weapon.

Juventus: Alessandro Del Piero. Alex has definitely something to prove in this final part of the season, both for Juve and for the Nazionale. With so many strikers in a great shape (Vieri, Montella, Totti, Di Vaio? , his ticket to Korea and Japan is not 100% guaranteed?br>
Both Lippi and the players keep on stating that Juve still believe in the comeback, at least for the second place, a result that would allow them to avoid the preliminary round of next season's Champions League, but the truth is that the disappointing season brought a bad mood inside Juve's locker room. Perugia are really tough to defeat at the Curi stadium and have been looking very healthy of late. I can't see the disheartened guests grabbing more than one point.

Perugia 1 Juventus 1
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if we dont win, then we dont deserve a CL spot.

zenoni thuram montero pessotto
zambrotta davids maresca
trezeguet del piero

looks like a good squad, we should be able to win.
Soccerage had better kiss our asses, cause we have to beat Perugia.
Having almost full squad ready we can't let ourselves losing to Perugia. IT is unacceptable.
Hmm, Perugia-Juventus, we're back in business...

Unless we've suscribed to the OCWMA*, it would be vain flying in the face of facts. A 26th scudetto is not for this year. We're still bitter (aren't we accustomed to the feeling, guys? :D), but hey, life goes on, the storm has abated, I'm now Zen, but -make no mistake- still fully aware you won't take such a high level failure any longer and so won't I.

I'm sure the staff and the management is already called to the blackboard on the problem and maybe the'll produce something great. :) We've all identified the shortcomings, I now pray that the dirty Italian habit of sacking coachs can spare us for once (yes, I was against Carletto's firing) and that Lippi is granted some more means and time to work on 'em.

But that's another issue, right! For now, the direct objective is to secure a CL spot for next year. 5 games to go, damn time is running so fast. Well, 7 points and we're in the qualifications stages, regardless of what the 5th placed team, Milan does. If so they just cannot reach us.

BUT we don't want that to happen off course. We want an automatic qualification (that would spare us additional matches in the summer and bad unexpected surprises) for the first group stages which only finishing 1st ( riiight :cry: ) or 2nd would allow. I'm very skeptical at our ability to end up in such an advantaging position. From my perspective, achieving better than a 3rd place is beyond reach (well, I'd be glad to be proved wrong, I really would) and unlike soem of you said, losing wouldn't be such an tragedy and we certainly wouldn't be in a deep sh!t if we don't win this one, Perugia are a good collective team with some noticeable individualities, they can give a hard time to anyone, including Juve (they screwed us 2 years ago, remember?)...

As long as we manage to gain 7 points out of our 5 remaining games. And, since honour is not something people seem willing to defend above all nowadays, we could even afford to finish 4th, behind Bologna (though I doubt they can still fill the gap of 8 points) as being 3rd or 4th is the same to UEFA, both give access to the qualifications stages of the CL. Well, we'll have a clearer picture of what to expect for this summer after the Perugia match.

On the match itself now...

The referee will be signor Gabrielle, who has already been in charge of 3 Juve matches this season: Samp-Juve 1-2, Juve-Perugia 2-0 (funny!) and Venezia-Juve 1-2. Hmm, 3 games and 3 wins, isn't that encouraging if you're supersticious ?

We won at Curi (Perugia stadium) the last 3 times out of 4 when we met them, the only defeat was that awful rainy day of March 2000, a day cursed by all Juventini. Overall, Juve prevailed 8 times out of 9 against Cosmi's (now that's a good coach) side.

Our last away win was against Chievo on January 27.

Oh and beware of O'Neill. I'm sure he'll do his best to make us regret him.

The news of Thuram back is warming my heart, too bad we won't get to see El Matador kicking the ball as soon as this weekend but I tend to think it might be better to not risk him this season so that he has extended time to prepare his (I hope so) astonishing comeback and enter our bianconero hall of fame.

It's only Friday and probably too early to figure out what team Lippi will opt for, but like CUG said, and despite all the injuries that just don't want to give us a break, we have enough quality players at disposal to outclass gli griffoni.

Here is the team I would give the go if I was Lippi:
The usual [4-3-1-2]

--------------------- Buffon -----------------------
Thuram --- Ferrara --- Montero --- Pessotto
Zambrotta ------- Davids ------------ Maresca
-------------------- Nedved -----------------------
----- Trézéguet ------------ Del Piero ----------

Avanti Ragazzi!


*Optimistitic-Come-What-May-Association, honorary president: Nyuka ( ;) ),
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--------------------- Buffon -----------------------
Thuram --- Ferrara --- Montero --- Pessotto
Zambrotta ------- Davids ------------ Maresca
-------------------- Nedved -----------------------
----- Trézéguet ------------ Del Piero ----------

I dont blieve it we are full squad at last...:proud:
With Gabrielle this season we have always won and we beat Perugia this season with that referee we can do it again:)
So good to see Thuram back:) No excuses tomorrow, we've had no distractions this week, so I expect us to of prepared for this game well. Let us hope we can play a little better than the last few weeks, buy I suspect that's too much to ask.
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