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Dear Ero,

first of all congratulation to Croatia, they did a good game.

On the 2 goals, just how can u said that they were rightfuly disallowed??? Come on, I have to say that Croatia did impress me, but this 2 goals were 100% correct, espacialy the first one (Zambro was 1m behind the las men and Vieri was 2m behind the ball)...The second one was 50-50 the 2 guys take the jersey of the other...But the croatian is the one who started...

NOW it was just to show u that u were wrong on this, BUT I DONT CARE ABOUT THIS...In fact for me this is the game hazard, u can condemn the ref, u have to watch at ur team...

Ive made the decision to dont comment trap choice during the WC, cauz I think that critiks should make b4 and after, but not during...

I will only say that Totti is a miedfield and we had 4 forwards on the bench, espacialy Del Piero and Montella....How can u send in Inzamerda when u have players like this on the bench?????How can u let Baggio and Di Vaio at home, when u have looser like Inzamerda and Delvecciomerda on the bench?????

How can u let home Ambrosini and Conte (even Tacchinardi) when u have people like Gattuso big monkey Di Livio the bastard on the bench??? And for Ferrara??? WTF is doing Materazzi down there????? 4-4-1-1???? What this ****ing module mean????? Trap has all the card in his hands, but he is destroying all, cauz of his fear, of his catenacio????

Do u see man, I dont care about the mistakes of the ref, with the true Italy team I know, with all my respect, that we can pass ANY team, even Croatia...

Its strange but this situation remind me the game against Chile in 98 we were loosing and we came back for the final 2-2...Damn I cant remind who was the guy who shoot on the Chile's hand and score the pk after...We r missing this guys and in this kind of situation like today, he will have score Im sure...

Now if trap doesnt win the cup, I will shoot his mother****ing face, thats sure...

By the way good luck to Croatia
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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