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People, please...

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I want to askyou all to post your messages once! Only once. Do not doubleclick on the submit button, if something starts gojng wrong, because the result is always the same. We recieve double or even triple posts! And to be honest I am absolutely fed up with running around the forums and deleting them manually myself. Therefore I sy again, do not doubleclick and if it does anyway happen by accident, please take the time to delete your OWN mistake by yourself and don't leave me the poor moderator ;) with all the work to do! And another thing! If you do doublepost do not edit your post and say "Sorry for posting twice", just DELETE the post yourself! I have seen many of you do that and I beg you to keep this place clean! Many thanks in advance! :)

Patryk L. AKA labas
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Yup, I'm guilty. :( It happens accidentally, but it happens often. But, actually, Labas, only moderators can delete posts so I usually edit and do that 'sorry for posting twice' schtick. Anyway, why do youn insist on deleting them double-posts?
Labas,unfortunately for us moderators only moderators can delete posts.Members cant.So simply delete them to clean the forum or leave them.

I know its boring but we all have to do it.

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
Oh, I didn't know a memebr couldn't delete their own post! In that case I'm sorry, so all I can say is just don't doublepost! :) If you do, I'll just clean up, but please try and spare me the bother :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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