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RIO DE JANEIRO, July 3 (Reuters)(DS) - Brazil, possibly the most
romantic of the five candidates seeking to stage the 2006 World
Cup, has one potentially insurmountable obstacle in its way.
Pele has refused time and again to back to the bid with a
simple justification -- his country deserves the World Cup but
its politicans and soccer directors do not.
Even worse as far as Brazil are concerned, Pele has not kept
his feelings to just himself and his countrymen.
Instead, he has criticised Brazilian directors in front of
international audiences in various points of the globe
describing the bid as "a complete waste of money."
That aside, in terms of soccer history and exotica, Brazil
could be viewed as way ahead of any of their rivals, although
London bookmakers rate them 33-1 outsiders and there are even
reports they may pull out ahead of the vote.
On the other hand, the country has a made a unique
contribution to international soccer and now argues that the
hosting of a full-scale World Cup would be an appropriate reward.
But elderly stadia, the crime level and a chaotic domestic
league raising question marks about organisational ability may
count heavily against the bid.
However, organisers point out that with a reputation for
carefree people and a tropical climate it would be a place where
visiting fans could enjoy themselves.
Brazil's proposed venues, wich include the beach-front
cities of Salvador, Recife, Maceio, Sao Luis, Fortaleza and Rio
de Janeiro, certainly sound a good deal more enticing than, for
example, Birmingham, Manchester or Duesseldorf.

Supporters point to a successful world club championship,
although there were problems with ticketing for the final, and
plenty of large stadiums which could easily be renovated though
Pele reckons it would cost billions of dollars.
Although crime dominates local media, most tourists who
visit Brazil express surprise at how safe they feel.
However, Brazil's bid has failed to capture the imagination
of its own people, who, as regular witnesses to the chaos which
reigns in Brazilian domestic football, may be sharing Pele's
While foreign visitors praised the organisation of the world
club championship, the locals were less impressed.
The selling of tickets for the final were denounced as a
shambles, with several people fainting in the heat and police
fighting with fans furious when they failed to get tickets after
hours of queueing.
Brazilian domestic soccer itself is famous for its poor
organisation and rough play.
Bizarre highlights include a court battle which led to the
kickoff time of the Brazilian championship final, the showpiece
of the season, being decided on the day of the match.
On another occasion, the final of a major championship
failed to be played because the two teams went to different
stadiums after a dispute over the venue.
Hope springs eternal but Pele is clear: "I think Brazil's
bid is a lost cause and I will not be associated with it."

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Beleive it or not it involves too much politics/With pele opposing Brazil's bid and backing up S.Africa bid I could definitley see 2006WC in S.Africa..
Does it really matter where they play:?

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Brazil has withdrawn its bid to stage the 2006 World Cup, soccer federation president Ricardo Teixeira said on Monday.

South Africa, Germany, England and Morocco are the remaining candidates. The world governing body FIFA will choose the hosts in Zurich on Thursday.
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