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I htink Pele is completely right in his view on LUxemburgo. The way his been conducting things with the National team has been horrible. The way he handled the ROnaldinho Gaucho fat issue was outrageous. Ronaldinho is not overweight, yeterday he played fro Gremio in the Derby agsinst Internacional and he scored a good goal after running 30 meters. The day after the Brazil game the journalists asked him to show his body....and it was pure muscle! I think Luxemburgo did that thing to be agaisnt the Gremio president who called Luxemburgo "a guy that just want to be a star". And that is true , because why din't Luxemburgo let Ronaldinho Gaucho and Athirson play their games for their clubs, instead of running 40 minutes in training with Brazil and not doing one single tactical trainig with the players. Total waste of time!.
ALso the Flamengo directors are totally agasint Luxemburgo for not letting Athirson play the derby of last week agaisnt Vasco. They said that they'll encourage the Rio/Flameno fans to give Luxemburgo a hard time when Brazil plays Uruguay in the Maracana!

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor...ate o fim.
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