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Real difference Pele made for Brazil comparing games they played and games they missed.


Matches Won Draw Lost For Against Difference Points Percentage
92 67 14 11 235- 87 +148 148 (80.43)

72.82% wins ,15.2% draw 11.9% lost

average points per game: 1.6

Brazil average goals scored per game: 2.55 conceded: 0.94
Difference: 1.61 goals

Average total goals per game: 3.5


Matches Won Draw Lost For Against Difference Points Percentage
63 40 10 13 134 - 83 +51 90

63.5% won, 15.8% draw 20.6% lost

average points per game: 1.42
Brazil average goals scored per game: 2.12 conceded: 1.31
Difference: 0.81 goals

Average total goals per game: 3.44

Brazil with Pele won 11.25% more points (0.18 points per game more than without him, 1.6 over 1.44), and had a goal difference by 0.80 goals better(99% better) than without him in the same period(1957-1971).

In other words, Brazil could win many games without Pele since it had great players, but with Pele they became practically unplayable, improving both in attack and defence by a total of almost 100%!

Pele scored 32% of Brazils goals. We do not know about his assists record. In World Cups he had 9 assists in 14 games, which is a ratio of 0.64 per game. If he had the same ratio in the other 78 Internationals that would give him around 69 assists, at a ratio of 29% of Brazils total assists -Brazil scored 235 goals in Peles 92 caps- and a 61% total participation(scored or assisted) in Brazils goals. Maradona had the same assist per game ratio in World Cups and in the rest of his International caps. Pele played 3 of his 14 World Cup games injured during half of the game though. Those were the games with Czechoslovakia 1962, and Bulgaria and Portugal in 1966. These injuries could slightly have reduced his World Cup assist record, therefore affecting the estimate for his total International career assists.

117 Posts
Some info I found in another website, the research was not done by me.

"Heres the Marcao blog it's got every RIO-SP Squad and more in each game, and I'm starting a project of analysing every team over 57-66 the Pele era.

Obviously I started with Pele and I've come up with some interesting analysis.

23 Games with Pele, Coutinho and Pepe Pele 20 Goals Pepe 15 Coutinho 16
21 Games with just Pele and Pepe Pele 25 Goals Pepe 9
11 Games with Pepe Coutinho Coutinho 13 Pepe 2
1 Game Pele Coutinho Pele 0 Coutinho 3
8 Games Coutinho alone 0 Goals
4 Games Pepe alone 0 Goals
7 Games Pele alone 5 Goals

Conclusion Pele scores alone, Pepe scores a lot only when Pele plays, and Coutinho doesn't help other players score only Pele+Pepe do.

Other analysis after adjusting for opposition and Home,Neutral Away
Pele 1.40ppg without Pele Santos 0.92ppg, adding 22 Points in 47 Games.
Pepe 1.24ppg without Pepe Santos 1.12ppg adding 6.5 points in 53 games.
Coutinho 1.29ppg without Santos 1.11ppg adding 7 points in 39 games.

The second most adding to Santos after Pele 22 is Zito who added 11.8points in 45 games, Pele adds almost double.

Santos also used 86 different players in 81 games, suggesting due to their workload their team strength was regularly down.

I'm analysing all the RIO-SP Teams and am currently doing Botafogo. They seem to be using far less players than Santos and many people say Didi was better than Garrincha from 55-58 Garrincha had just 5 goals in 36 Games while Didi bagged 10 in 15 in 57-58.

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