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Pele names his pick for World Cup (28 Feb 2006 08:23 GMT)

"Italy has a strong team although Totti would be sorely missed if he failed to recover from that injury in time,'' said Brazilian football legend Pele at a local event in Shanghai organized by one of the World Cup's sponsors. "England is very good and, of course, Brazil is always on the highest level.''

He claims "I made very few mistakes in prediction considering my vast experience with the tournament.''

Nevertheless, he is known of getting his predictions wrong at major soccer events, including the World Cup. So much so that every time he picked on a prospective winner, the team would curse its luck.

Pele put France and Argentina a top his list for 2002 World Cup, both of whom crashed out only in the group stage.
sorry to brazil, england and italy :devil:
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