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Peace Queen Cup Korea 2006
October 28 - November 4, 2006
South Korea (six cities): Seoul; Cheonan; Suwon; Changwon; Masan; Gimhae.

Group A:
Korea Republic

Group B:

This inaugural women’s Peace Cup will see teams playing a round-robin format in group play and the group winners meeting for the title November 4.

This annual tournament promises to rival the Algarve Cup in importance and prestige. They certainly have a better website. Edited to add: Actually, I take that back. I defy anyone to find the game results listed on the website. Edited to add: I found the Results page, and guess what? It's "Under Construction"!

Schedule and Results:

Oct. 28 Group A
Korea 0-1 Brazil
Italy 2-3 Canada

Oct. 29 Group B
Australia 1-0 Netherlands
Denmark 1-1 USA

Oct. 30 Group A
Brazil 1-1 Italy
Korea 1-3 Canada (Christine Sinclair hat-trick!)

Oct. 31 Group B
Australia 0-2 USA
Netherlands 0-1 Denmark

Nov. 1 Group A
Korea 1-2 Italy
Brazil 2-4 Canada

Nov. 2 Group B
Netherlands 0-2 USA
Australia 1-2 Denmark

Nov. 4 Final
Canada 0-1 USA
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