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Paulo Guerrero?

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i dont know much about this youngster, but sure would like to know more. He has been impressing the German media lately and they seem as if they can't get enough of him? is he Byern's new hope for glory? or is he a new SANTA CRUZ? please POST if u have any knowledge about his game!
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Hey, Santa Cruz is a gun player. Sure he is a little injury-prone and at times inconsistant but he has heaps of talent which he has proven on many occasions.

Anyway, back on topic:

I've watched a little of Guerrero, mostly substitute appearences, but he seems to have a great deal of potential. No wonder he is impressing!
COME ON FELLAS! :) there has to be someone that knows abit about this kid???? speak up!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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