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Paul Okon probably to Ajax.

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Paul Okon (28), the Australian player ( also captain of the Olympic team) will probably move to Amsterdam. His club Fiorentina is negotiating with Ajax.
Okon, before this season at Fiorentina, played 3 seasons at Lazio! :)

I think this is the best buy Ajax has made so far, dont you think?

Ajax really needs POkon :) :)
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what happened to the possible boro move?
I just read on Ajax.nl, that Ajax isnt interested in him anymore!
Thats news for me, in that fast time!
I read that rumour too, and at the time there was nothing about it on the Ajax site, it's good that theyr'e not buying him, Okon isn't such a good player.
He's good, became big at Club Brugge but suffert lots of injuries when he started to play in Italia.

I wouldn't buy him, too much injuries and as a result no matchritm.

But getting him without transfermoney would be great.
I think nobody understood my idea that the Arena really needs 'pokon'.

I still think its rather funny, and coincedental...ah...whatever!
Driver X: Okon is a realy realy good player. he has everything a topclass defender should have. he's fast, has good passing a sharp tackle intelligence... . only thing is that he's injured a lot. if you can change that you have a new f. deboer
I haven't seen him play for a club, but when he played for Australia he wan't that spectacular.

Anyway, if he really is a new F. De Boer, then Ajax are pretty stupid not to get him.
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