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Patrick Andersson Ruled Out Of The World Cup
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06/13/2002. Sweden will be without their captain Patrick Andersson for the rest of their World Cup campaign after the Barcelona player returned to Sweden after given up his fight against a thigh injury.

"It is a massive disappointment. I have been fighting all spring just to be here," he said.

"It is a huge blow as I really thought that I would be able to play in the tournament again.

"But that's life and I can only wish the rest of the lads in the team good luck."

Sweden have done fine without him though, as they finished top of the 'Group of Death'.

good luck for the rest of the WC....i m sure your team can still do well without him...

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it´s great for Sweden to see P.Andersson go home to Barcelona, this tournament is Jakobssons! he has been playing really well and a slow and injured Andersson would only make the chances of winning smaller. and really you can´t put Jakobsson to the bench now when he have played so well, that would be both crazy and unfair.

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