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Pathetic move by Barcelona

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Why is it wrong to forfeit?
He couldn't even put out 11 men!!!
so firstly, 10 men could not win 4-0
secondly, of that 10 only a few were actually 1st team players
thirdly, if one becaime tired, he couldn't even sub him.
What if someone got injured?
It was a disgraceful situation to be put in.
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What point is Van Gaal trying to prove? That he is an idiot? Hey you go out and spend a gazillion dollars on regular internationals and then u forfeit? I don't think the player appreciated that call......


I agree with you Marcao. I think the only thing Van Gaal showed on Monday is how big his ego really is. For crying out loud, he should of known that all his Dutch players are going to get called up for a friendly and he would be stuck without half the team. He still could of fielded a decent team with the likes of Sergi, Guardiola, Abelardo, Puyol, Gabri, Xavi, Dani, Sambrosa (sp?). Geez, develop the young talent, test if they can overcome a 3-0 aggregate. I think the young players were disappointed more than the veterans.

Forza 1) JUVE 2) Chelsea 3) Valencia
We need to repeat the trick we had for Chelsea. And no offense to most of the players, but without Figo, Rivaldo, Cocu and Frank de Boer, we won't be able to do so... It's a disgrace for Spain the RFEF is so stupid to keep the Cup matches while many national sides have games to play...
if you go out and buy players who you know are regular internationals then you have to work around it. Why not call up some barcelona b players....instead of being a total jack-ass and forfeiting the game why not let your younger guys play to develop. This Van Gaal, I praised him in December when Rivaldo spoke out and he benched him. Then he acts stupid and tells Kluivert to stay home and finally he forfeits the game? Great sportsmanship on behalf of Van Gaal. You guys just blew your chance at the treble, which is sad, and something tells me that the players will not be to happy or supportive of this move.
Marco you are absolutely right on this issue. I think that Van Gaal is politicizing the issue, instead of dealing with what he has. By forfeiting he's telling the RFEF to stick it, which is sad and a very unclassy move. That's like when ManU decided to forfeit cup play for the Team World Cup, in which they got properly trounced.
In this issue Barca and Van Gaal, should have called up their younger players and play the game...that would be a classier move! I can now see why some players have issues with Van Gaal!! :(
van gaal proved he's an idiot nothing more. Sorry all you Barca fans, but it's the truth. We have a bigger dispute on the matter in our Real forum, so be free to join in...
God, are you all stupid or something?
Why don't you read the facts before insulting people?
The dumb spanish FA only allowed VG to use 3 b team players!!
So, INCLUDING the youth team players allowed, he could only play 10 outfield players!
You obviously can't see how much barca tried to play this match, but it's impossible when you can only play 10 men from the start.
So stop insulting VG and check your facts.
It seems the Treble didn't seem that much to Van Gaal afterall. The Internationals should now have the right to kill him when they get back.
F*ck da spanish FA thay suck azz i am with BARCA 100%.

The so called "dumb" spanish FA allow to register 25 players for the spanish cup at the start of the season.

But the "clever" Van Gaal thought that he needn't so many, he just registered 20...

Take the conclusions you want, but for me it's just a shame that Barça think they can do whatever they want ! But well with Nuñez and Gaspart, it doesn't surprise me at all...
GREAT POINT! Van Gaal has such an ego it is truly pathetic!
So now were punished for having great players????
Why do you think the FIFA wants to come with a worldwide integrated calendar??? To avoid silly situations like monday.

The fact that made me most angry: Reiziger, Bogarde and Cocu weren't even used by ******* Rijkaard :( :( :( :( :(
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