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Pat Rice

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I was at the game on Saturday and during our celebrations, one thing really stood out: the behaviour of Pat Rice. The way he took the time to go to every single Chelsea player and representative to shake their hand and offer condolences was just the classiest thing about the Cup Final. Pat Rice epitomises Arsenal. A great sense of the right thing to do.

If everyone was more like Pat Rice (in particular a certain Man Utd managet) then the game would be better for it.

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When Arsène came, I think Pat acted as a go-between, between the boss and the defence. Wenger didn't realise the strengths of the defence, i.e. teamwork, understanding, friendship, as most other defences were based upon great individual defenders. With the exception of Tony Adams, we didn't have one of them...

Wenger wasn't aware of that aspect of the Arsenal team, and Pat wasn't aware of the style with which Wenger wanted the team to play (cavalier, all-or-nothing, attacking football). So, Pat helped Arsène adapt to the English game, and Arsène helped Pat adapt to the European game.

Though I don't doubt Wenger's abilities (I think that he's the best in the world), I think that without Pat Rice there as assistant, he wouldn't have revitalised the older aspects of the squad.

Also, being Arsenal through-and-through has its bonuses.
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