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Partizan won 7-0 and obilic lost 1-0
Red Star also won with a 1-0 scoreline
Djukic also scored for Valencia(Bit Surprising)and Saveljic was sent of in the same game.

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Well well...

It seems I was wrong,
the title will most probobly be decided on one match, the derby, :(

on a better note, Zvezda seem to be strugling
aginst smaller clubs(like OFK and RAD) if they play like that aginst Partizan...
they will no doubt be crushed!

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Only one thing, OFK and Rad are the best teams in the league after the "big three"..
OFK drew with Partizan in the first half of the season and you guys have yet to play them, even though our strikers do seem to be struggling...
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