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Parma's starting line up:

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If Parma had a full team, no injuries and every play was in form, what would there line up be. Here's what i think:
Thuram Cannavaro Lassisi
Fuser Baggio Boghossian Vanoli
Crespo Amoroso

I left out Bennarivo but i think Vanoli is a future star. Some might prefer Sartor than Lassissi.

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Are you crazy Ortega and Lassissi in th starting line-up?
Oviously you can never have a Injury free season so back-up players needed.
This would be the real line-up:

Sousa bought because Boghie was injured
Dabo because Ortega out of favor
I would pick Lassissi over Sartor ten times a day and twenty on sunday.

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Vanoli a future star? The guy is born 12/08/1972 so he will be 28 later this year. So I think hís best years are right now. He's good but he will never be a star... Unfortunately... :(
please watch the game agian
i watch the game only for sartor(okay not onnly for him :) )
he was very good (he deserve to be in the nazionale) he made unbeleivable attacking moves and deffensive tackles
when he was face to face with del piero
del piero was nothing fron of him

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