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23 July in Aosta: triangular tournament featuring Parma, Inter and Napoli (8.30pm local time)

26 July in Morgex: Parma take on local side (afternoon kick-off,time to be announced)

28 July in Lisbon: Parma-Sporting Lisbon (9pm local time)

5 August in Morgex: Parma-local side (afternoon kick-off, time to be agreed)

10 August in Genoa: Genoa-Parma (8.45pm local time)

13 August in Liverpool: Parma-Liverpool (3pm local time)

24 August Athletic Bilbao-Parma (8.30pm local time)

31 August Valencia-Parma (9pm local time)

5 September: Parma-Valencia (9pm)

Malesani has a brand new team and he knows it.Tough friendly games will help him clinch the new lads together.Moreover,we'll also have the chance to put our traditional 38 goals against Morgex,we do it every year so why not now? it helps in the m,oprale it seems...

Bravo Malesani!

(Steve I told you Parma would try to be full prepared for this season,along with the UEFA Cup games dont you think this will be enough for at elast a decent start?)
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