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Parma is...

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the only team in Serie A we have not beat this season. And it looks like they are in better shape then they was in January when we played 1-1 in Parma. This is our last hinder on the road to the Scudetto.

I know we draw and lost against Lazio, but we did win 3-2 in the home game in the cup.

Actually we have beaten every team we have played against all season !!! Celta included.

What a brilliant year !!

If we beat Parma we can start celebrating !!


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A draw at the Tardini its like a win...(not this year for Juve though,it was like a defeat :))


The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Juve need to beat Parma because then in there final two games they only need to to win one of them!!!

why don't just win the 3 matches????


FoRzA JuVe

fOrZa BiAnCoNeRi
I agree with u supergeo, lets just win everything and stop doing the mathematics of it.
parma home or away, how many matches left, who cares??
juve is gonna win them all!! :) :)
interesting fact there u got there, Ivers :)
we played well at the Tardini but crespo was magical that night. well, the return would be different and i'm sure juve can win it.
Wow we've beaten everyone. :) :) :)

The mathematics is important, once you have Lazio in the picture. Otherwise all we got to do is win. :)
Now we have beaten everyone !

We really deserve the title

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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