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Paris Hilton is bidding for S.S. Lazio.

By Adria Cimino

April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Representatives from Hilton Hotels Corporation (NYSE:HLT) refused to comment on the arising rumors about Paris Hilton's interest in the acquisition of a control share of S.S. Lazio (MIBTEL: SSL), an italian "Serie A" soccer team.

After several months of stagnation Lazio's shares were traded in the last weeks at +10% of the last 12 months average value, and many analysts reported that "unknown hands are slowly gathering shares".
The purpose would be to build a significant position from which to establish a negotiation with the current Lazio owner, Mr Claudio Lotito, an almost unknown entrepreneur whose main business is in cleaning and security services for local public administrations.

Paris Whitney Hilton is the 27 y.o. heiress of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels Co., and her wealth is estimated to be in the range of 1 BUSD.
According to the reports Bloomberg was able to access, her interest was arised by S.S. Lazio's recent victory over their archrival A.S. Roma (MIBTEL: ASR), with a late goal scored by Valon Behrami during the injury time.

The pictures of the Swiss player impressed Ms Hilton, which asked to date immediately the club's owner in order to clarify his availability to sale his control stake.
No comment has been provided so far on Lazio side.

In the meanwhile Ms Hilton engaged herself in preparing an innovative retention and rewarding plan for the most important team's players, which would be "personally thanked and rewarded" by the new owner in case of extraordinary sport perfomances.
This scheme could be particularly attractive for young players as Stefan Radu, Stefano Mauri and Valon Berhami himself.


I thought it was an April fools' day joke (and probably it is), but I would really like to be at the negotiations between Lotito and Paris Hilton... :eekani: Could going to be real fun

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The part that got me was "Paris Hilton".

Aq, considering the inflation that "reward" has gone through, I suppose it wouldn't have affected the cap that much...;)
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