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PAOK, Skala close to coaching agreement

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Scala would be ok. He's no Bajevic, but who is?:)
a little voice tells me santos is a better tactician than bajevic, of course in terms of man management and motivating dusan is in a league of his own and very much world class
Santos is my friend viola..Halilkovic of course is much better u all knoiw what he did to Lille..
Nah, no way Santos is as good as Bajevic.

As for Nevio Scala, he was a good coach but I don't know anymore... I got sick of Bajevic's mind games as well, but he should have stayed.
What do u mean?Bajevic is better than Santos?
Blame Batatoudis for this Amo!
Okkas to Olympiakos?
Konstantinidis to Panathinaikos?
Georgiadis to AEK?

I am afraid that with so many players leaving not only Scala but two Bajevic can't make the team go to Champions League.If you keep some key players and buy 1-2 for the first team then you could dream...
I agree!
I hope Kostandinidis does a good jobe for us ;)
what happen in paok? idont understand whay the chirman(batudius,am i writing right?) give up very quikly about his best players? i know that it's money problem but if he think that okkas will go to gavry and kostantinidis will go to pao he succed? it's looks for me bad.
if he sell them to team from spain,bundesliga,holland,france i understand him
but just no to pao and gavros.........
and i think scala in good coach but bajevic was the king of paok so it's bad news to know that he living ys to aek......
forza paok!!!!!!!!in every time.........
Batatoudis is just f*cking up.

As for the players, Okkas cant leave without PAOK's agreement cause he has a contract, but I think we'll sell him to Olympiakos. For Konstadinidis and Georgiadis we can do nothing since their contracts expired.

I cant believe he f*cked up this team AND got rid of the best coach out there... :(
Okkas has the right to leave without the permission of PAOK as they didn't pay him(prosfygh).

Really,Aris and PAOK will loose about 10 players each for this reason and the next season they will struggle.There are so many unpaid players there...

Next season the famous POK (Pao,Thrylos,AEK) will have an easier way to take the 3 first places that drive to Champions League.I am afraid this is the truth.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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