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Panucci deal close

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Gabirle Oriali and Ariedo Braida, managing directors of Inter Milan and AC Milan, have been in talks over a possible move involving Inter defender Christian Panucci.
Inter turned down Milan's offer of a swap with Luigi Sala because they originally wanted a straight cash deal. Milan were not keen on this though.
Inter coach Marcello Lippi has no intention of keeping Panucci for next season, so the two clubs have agreed to a swap deal.
Inter want Francesco Coco in exchange for Panucci but face competition from Lazio who have offered Milan Dejan Stankovic in order to get Cocu.
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You're an idiot Driton...Panucci is no Ronaldo....u will not get Arsenal's top player for Panucci and cash....as for Panucci going to Milan, i think that Coco would be a steal for Inter because he is a great young Italian who would be perfect to replace Georgatos as the left wing-back.....as for Sala, he is definitely not worth as much as Panucci

Just ask Tazz what he thinks about Coco....
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