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Panucci deal close

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Gabirle Oriali and Ariedo Braida, managing directors of Inter Milan and AC Milan, have been in talks over a possible move involving Inter defender Christian Panucci.
Inter turned down Milan's offer of a swap with Luigi Sala because they originally wanted a straight cash deal. Milan were not keen on this though.
Inter coach Marcello Lippi has no intention of keeping Panucci for next season, so the two clubs have agreed to a swap deal.
Inter want Francesco Coco in exchange for Panucci but face competition from Lazio who have offered Milan Dejan Stankovic in order to get Cocu.
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Where did this story come from? http://www.teamtalkworld.com

TEAM BULL SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!

As for this article it is too good to be true. Coco is by for the best wing back in Italy. I mean better than Zambrotta or Vanoli. Better than Fuser or even my very own Ighil Vannucchi.

And the article said simply.....it now seem that INTER will ask for Francesco Coco in return.

They said seems.....why? because they are assuming. But believe me if you sit and think about the players INTER could want and the fact that they turned down Luigi Sala there are only three players you could think of and they are Coco Gattusso and AMbrosini. Since Milan didn't get Farinos i think it is obvious that they want to have Gattusso and Ambrosini so......that means it is obvious that it will appear that Coco is theonly likely player for INTER to ask for.

So its simply speculation.

Besides we have Georgatos but to be honest i would put Geo on the bench for Coco after a few weeks because i know he is probably not as good as Geo yet but he is only 22 and almost there. Every hails i=him as teh next Maldini and i have to agree.

One more thing.........Sure Coco is a great great player in my opinion but.......he is also ridiculously injury prone. Reminds me of Ventola. Mabye we shouldn't look at him after all.

If we sign him and release Georgatos we may be in trouble because Zanetti while he can play both wings has not been injured since the 97/98 season and he has not stopped playing yet. He is due an injury and with Zanetti injured we may have quite a bit of problems covering both wings for with Coco having one of his many injury bouts and with Zanetti also injured we may be forced to play an embarassing back 4 and a 3 man defencive midfield with a play maker and a striker.
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