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Are you mad Driver X?! "How much cash is Inter going to get for Panucci apart from receiving Sala and Coco?" The deal would hardly include Sala AND Coco, rather Sala OR Coco... Also, Panucci isn't worth more than either Sala or Coco, so if there were to be any money involved it would be from you to us!

However, why the h*** are we interested in Panucci at all? He can't mark a desk, let alone a defender plus he's useless in a three man defence.

If, IF, Galliani and Berlusconi are mad enough to bring him back, they can not under any circumstances exchange COCO for him! Coco is good, but he will be great and we should keep him and play him ourselves. If they trade him I'm personally going down to Milano to beat them senseless!
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