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Pandev vs. Di Canio

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Who is best?
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I think that Paolo Di Canio is one of the worst example for young people in the world.
Violent,not correct,always not polite.
He has been elected the most correct player in England one year,but some years before he kicked a refree.

And he has the same politic ideas of his supporters,at last derby at the goal he exulted in a way that Lazio supporters remember vey well :nono: ,probably they can claim him for it,but for the rest of the world it's an act really sad...
I've seen him in Marassi,he's a player that makes furious supporters and players that play against him.He's really a bad person.

Obouvsly I say that a man like Pandev is really better than Di Canio ;) ...
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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