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I think Owen - Fowler partnership is 1 of the worst partnership ......Both of them r equally world class talented but both never co operate but just compete between themselves .

Now add Heskey , do u think Houllier can keep all the 3 world class strikers satisfied without CL to play . No I don't think so . If Liverpool is still in the same
position next year even Owen will consider leaving .

Individually all the 3 strikers r better than any of Man Utd 's strikers but then not as effective ......

The problem with having owen-fowler as a partnership, isn't that they competing. I believe they too similar. If you look at rush and beardsly, they complimented each other, likewise with york and cole. Bying heskey is possibly the best thing that can happen to liverpool.

if Heskey partners either owen or fowler, then the problem is solved. maybe even if you used fowler as an attacking midfield, linking up the midfield with the 2 upfront.

Meijer must have been one of the worst buys in the season, although he does have heart, as for camara, he's the perfect player to have on the bench, sort of like solksaer.
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