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Overrated and Underrated players

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Name me your Underrated and Overrated players.

Full Valencia squad apart from villa and Hildebrand is overrated( i may be overreacting)

Rooney is well overrated, good player he is, i read in loads of footy magazines that he bags loads of goals and is better than the likes of drogba and henry? WTF?!

Daniel guiza is underrated and also some real Madrid youngsters who don't get a chance and manage to leave and play great like Mata.

i cant think of too much underrated ones, me brain ain't functioning
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Agreed :thumbsup: Definitely underrated.
I don't see how Cesc or Rooney are overrated they're one of the key members of their clubs, it's ridiculous to suggest so.
Rooney is definitely better than Henry btw...

Overrated Torres

Underrated Rooney

Seeing as though this has had 170 views and only 6 replies, its pretty safe to say this is a bad thread. More creativity needed people.
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