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I read that Roma are now interested in Overmars. Could this mean that HIDETOSHI NAKATA could be going to Arsenal in return? I think that would be great because Arsenal are my favorite english club. I think he would play very well in the epl. What do you think?

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I'm not saying I don't believe you Bulldog, but where did you read that?, I find it quite amusing, because the Serie A is pretty boring compared to the Premier League.
I think Ruud Van Nistelrooij said the same thing. He didn't want to move to the Serie A because there so boring, instead choocing Manure, but the deal is dead as we all know.

It's liekly that we won't get a final statement until after Euro 2000. For the moment anyway, Overmars is totally concentrated on Thursday's semi-final with Italy, and dreaming already about Sunday's Final.

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I was just thinking how Arsenal wanted Nakata before. Maybe if Roma wanted Overmars Wenger would ask for Nakata in return.

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Driver X:

FourFourTwo, November 1998: "You want freedom and something to happen. In Italy it's so tight. I have played against Italian teams many times and it starts so much with the defence. In Italy, I sometimes think, it's as if they don't want to win, they just want to play for a draw. I thought, no, I woul not be happy as a player there. Here (england) it is more open, there is always something going on."

More proof that Marc won't be joining Lazio or Roma.

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Yeah, and it looks like its in the process of doing so (footballunlimited)


Winger Marc Overmars revealed that he
would be holding imminent talks with
Arsenal over his future as he attempted to
come to terms with the worst moment of his
career so far - Holland's exit from Euro

The Dutch international, who has more than
two years left on his contract at Highbury, is
understood to be seeking an improved deal
with interest from overseas clubs having
apparently strengthened his bargaining

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has publicly
made it clear that he wants Overmars to
stay, especially now Louis van Gaal has left
Barcelona, where he had hoped to bring his

Overmars was unwilling to go into details so
soon after Holland's painful elimination on
penalties from the tournament which they

However, when asked whether he would be
staying at Arsenal next season, he replied
that "you never know" before adding: "There
are some meetings with the club going on,
we will talk over the next week."


Arsenal won't be help to ransom by someone like over-greedy-mars. So say bye-bye.

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If he wants £100,000 a week should we pay him, or how about $1,000,000 p/w. Over-greedy-mars knows full well we operate a wage cap, and he knows full well that wenger is highly unlikely to break it. So it seems to me he is attemping to manipulate the club into giving him a transfer. And say we do bend over for Over-greedy-mars, what's to stop him demanding more money next year or the year after, and i'm sure some of the other players will soon be wanting to take advantage of our new player friendly payment system. Threaten and you shall recieve.

If we allow him to dictate the terms of his employment to us we are setting a precident, we are saying that the players can push the club around. Anytime they want more money, which will no doubt be frequent, all they have to do is threaten to leave, and the club will simply cave in. That is not acceptable, discipline must be maintained, anelka tried to phuck us around last year, this year will not be the same. If over-greedy-mars dosen't want to stay, then he can go.....as long as someone is willing to cough up the dough (hey - that rhymes...wicked!), or perhaps vomit would be more appropriate.

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the salary cap at arsenal doesnt allow wenger to chase the biggest stars in europe
if he wants to keep the best players, the salary cap has to be raised
to around 30,000/week
arsenal hasnt signed any really top class stars, because the salary cap hasnt allowed much flexibility
arsenal has to keep all the top players to be able to compete with the best

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Our salary cap is already around 30,000/week. Last year kanu had his wages increased to ~28,000/week, if I am not very much mistaken.

I'm sure poor destitute over-pennyless-mars is earning at least 25,000/week, and if he wants his wages increased to the 30,000/week figure you seem to suggest, then I would fully support that. However, I get the feeling at the core of my marrow, that he has a figure in excess of 45,000/week in mind, which I don't think is viable, or acceptable.

Indeed, our unwillingness to enter into a mindset of extravegence has perhaps restricted our transfer activities to some extent. But given, that any really top class star will enivitably cost more then we would be willing to pay, I think the affect of the wage level is minimal. I think most players that we would be willing to purchase, would also be willing to accept a wage within the parameters we have set. 'Top class' stars are also genrally older, and have probably reached there peak, therefore there resell value is perhaps limited, or at least the percentage profit you could turn on them is lower, but then again, with the rapidly expanding football market, the value of the top players seems to be increasing exponentially. Supply and demand.

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Marc Overmars, will open talks on his Arsenal future next week. The winger will sit down with manager Arsene Wenger at Highbury and decide whether it is time to leave Arsenal. Overmars has been linked with a £16m move to Italian duo Lazio and AS Roma.

I think he'll be earning his desired 45,000/wk then.

I'd rather see him move to Barcelona then to an Italian team, unless it was Juventus where fellow Dutchmen Van Der Sar and Davids play.

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I'm not sure exactly how much he wants, but perhaps Arsenal should give into his request, whatever it may be. As long as he is willing to extend his current contract by an additional 3 or 4 years, after all this could be his last oppotunity, or one of the last oppotunities, to land himself a really big contract, and I doubt we could find a replacement as good as marcy. Besides loyalty should surely be mutual.

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Some extract form marcys diary on http://www.icons.com


Friday 30th June 2000

We've missed out on reaching the finals so many times because of penalty shoot-outs. And now this has
happened to us. It’s such a bad way to lose.

At Arsenal, we went out of three tournaments last season on penalty shoot-outs as well and it leaves you feeling
so bitter. The whole country is completely flat. Now I need a break and I'll be going away on holiday. But I'm
looking forward to next season when I’ll still be an Arsenal player.

I'll speak to you again when I return to North London for pre-season training.

Thursday 29th June 2000

What can I say? To lose on penalties and go out of Euro 2000 in that manner is almost too much to take.

I’ve just heard that Frank Rijkaard has resigned as national team coach and that’s sad news. He's done a great
job and has taken a lot of criticism, but this team has always been behind him.

At this moment, it's hard for me to put into words my emotions, but I'll have considered what to say in the
morning and will talk to you more then.


Don't ya just wanna give him a big hug......in a totally hetrosexual, er, non gay way, er, of course....hmmmmmm.

Hopefully he'll stay, I really don't think pires comes changes things particulary.
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