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Our WC-song !

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Attention people! I am bringing up an amazing, unbelievable, sooo important subject :D
I wonder, why there has not been a topic about it here so far:confused:

Uzun lafin kisasi:

Tarkans song for our nationalteam is out! It shall be a "supporting motivation"-song for our players and Turkey at the WC in Japan.

the lyrics (it is the "Tas"-melody):

" Haydi bastir, gonuller cossun,
O kupalar sana helal
Al gel buralar bayram olsun
bukadar yetmez, ah Turkiyem ilerle! "

I don`t write the translation cause it wouldn`t be perfectly correct.:rolleyes:

I love Tarkan`s music. I love all his CDs and I think he made a great song!!!

Hope it will be a little motivation at least !!

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I heard that Tarkan is a gay? iS IT TRUE?!!!:confused: :eek:
I read it from some Turkish music forum if I'm not mistaken...the ppl there were discussing about Tarkan.:cool:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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