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First of all half of you guys probally already know these statistics but I am going to put them forward to find out if these numbers have anything to do with anything.

Christian VIERI- serie A- Caps-166 Goals-105*, NT- Caps-28 Goals 14

Filippo INZAGHI- serie A- Caps-188 Goals-93, NT- Caps-40 Goals-15

Francesco TOTTI- serie A- Caps-227 Goals-64, NT- Caps-33 Goals- 5

Vincenzo MONTELLA- serie A- Caps-160 Goals-99, NT- Caps-15 Goals- 3

Alessandro DEL PIERO- serie A- Caps-222 Goals-84, NT- Caps-52 Goals-19

Marco DELVECCHIO- serie A- Caps-239 Goals-60, NT- Caps-16 Goals-3

Marco DI VAIO- serie A- Caps-121 Goals-54, NT- Caps-3 Goals-0

And last but not least.

Roberto BAGGIO- serie A- Caps- 394 Goals-181, NT- Caps-55 Goals-27

*Played one season with Atletico Madrid in the Spanish La Liga.

just remember, FYI..........

But what do these stats mean to you?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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